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Company Profile Summary

The company designed and produced a wide range of power electronic applications for the Mass Transit industry, independently or in cooperation with design teams within other small companies as well as Fortune-200 corporations, developing equipment for a power range of up to 200kVA, for mass transit, photovoltaic, industrial and military fields.

Its products include UPS, invertors, frequency changers, battery chargers, variable-voltage variable-frequency invertors. The following is a sample of products developed recently:

- LVPS/ Charger (8kW) and Inverter (24kVA) for hybrid bus installation.
- LVPS/ Charger (6kW) for Fuel Cell bus.
- Battery Charger (15kW) for Long Island Rail Road , Kawasaki train.
- Single phase inverter design for the New Orleans street car fleet. (5 kW from 650 Vdc )
- LVPS/Battery Charger for AMTRAK View liner
- Charger /Inverter system for San Francisco MUNI Articulated Troleybuses.
- Variable Voltage, Variable Speed inverter for compressor motor in the New Technology Train for NYCTA (R110A)
- Battery Chargers for NiCd Batteries with input from Third Rail (750 Vdc) or 480 Vac; 17kW power and 20 kHz switching frequency (WMATA)
- Auxiliary 3-Phase Invertors, up to 100 kVA power range, high frequency link topology, variable-voltage and variable frequency output.
- Single phase invertors for Emergency Lighting and Rail Signaling.
- Grid connect inverter for photovoltaic application. Contract from DOE, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. ( 50 kW, 3 Phase )

All the above products were designed to withstand up to 3000V line transients, normal to mass transit environment, and have been successfully installed in numerous Mass Transit systems such as MUNI, WMATA, AMTRAK, NYCTA, MBTA, RTA.

Vladimir Brunstein, the company’s owner has 25 years of experience as a design engineer in several engineering fields, and has published in a variety of professional publications.

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Patents US Patent # 5546295

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